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The Praise Report: Winter 2019

Happy Thanksgiving

We were ministering in Europe recently and were able to stop by Geneva, Switzerland, along the way and see the Reformation Wall, a feature in Geneva that shows some of the trajectory and different aspects of the Reformation.

One of them is a relief that shows the Pilgrims who came across the sea in the Mayflower and started the first sustaining colony in the New World—the previous colony attempt by others had folded due to starvation, freezing, and other hardships.

Visiting the Reformation Wall 
in Geneva, Switzerland.
(Check out this short video 
we filmed right at Plymouth Rock 
where the Pilgrims first landed:

These early settlers on the Mayflower were part of a movement in England that came out of the Reformation. Known as Puritans, they sought to return to the New Testament. They were a revival movement that was outside the camp in England as they felt that Christ must touch the heart; mere head knowledge alone, nor just knowing a bit of doctrine, wasn’t sufficient, Christ must fill the heart.

As they landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts, they laid out a few things, including that they were taking on this endeavor "for the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith." On a previous trip a little while ago, we were able to visit the very place where they landed. The museum at the site talks about the good relations they had with the Native Peoples in that time, and in fact how they were helped by them. It was duly noted that these early Pilgrims and their faith and endurance, were something to be thankful for in that early seminal history of America….

Happy Thanksgiving!


We ministered first in London, England after stepping out in faith to make the journey across the pond.

Ministering in London, England, 
where we experienced the Holy Spirit 
filling and encouraging as we 
shared about John Wesley.
(Check out the video we’ve done 
on revivalist John Wesley: 

The Lord met us in power as we ministered! We had been visiting a few sights connected with John Wesley, the English revivalist from the 1700’s while in London and other places, and incorporated insights from that into the messages we shared. We experienced people getting very blessed from this insight, receiving encouragement, renewal, and empowering for evangelism in their own lives, as well as a few who surrendered their hearts to Christ! Praise God!

Divine Appointment in Cornwall

In fact, while visiting a site connected to John Wesley’s ministry in Cornwall, we had a divine appointment with a fellow believer who volunteered now and then at the site, and had actually been called in unexpectedly that day.

Talking with her, we found out she was going through, and had been through, some heavy trials in life, including with her health. She responded positively when we asked if we could pray for her.

As we prayed, tears streamed down her face as the Holy Spirit touched her and ministered to her. You could clearly see she was buoyed by the touch of the Holy Spirit upon her. Her whole countenance had changed and brightened when we finished praying.

We were also able to help her with closing up and putting some heavy things away, which she appreciated. She then helped us by going in front in her car and guiding us to find our way back out to the main roads out of this tricky little maze-like area. Many of Cornwall’s roads are ridiculously narrow with huge hedges on each side—they were built for medieval carts, not cars—you can get a good scare from oncoming traffic, as well as getting lost really easily. We all got mutually blessed by the Holy Spirit leading us to step out and minister to her that day.


We ministered in various places in France, including the Loire Valley, in Tours, in Marçon, and in Paris.

We ministered in various places 
in France and were blessed to 
experience renewal, healing, 
deliverance and divine appointments.

The Holy Spirit moved powerfully in the different meetings and churches we ministered at, with people getting filled and refreshed in an awesome way and with some powerful manifestations of the Holy Spirit, as well some healing and some making decisions for Christ!

In fact, a young man in the Loire area was powerfully baptized in the Holy Spirit in a dramatic way, the Holy Spirit filled him very powerfully and continued moving on him well after the meeting was over; he was greatly renewed as were others who testified to that as well. We experienced some very powerful deliverance take place too in different meetings by those who felt heavy oppression come off their lives as we prayed and ministered to them. A man testified he was set free from heavy burdens weighing him down and was filled with joy by the Holy Spirit as we prayed for him, as were others. Gloire a Dieu!

Divine Appointment in Paris

We also had a divine appointment in Paris, one with a worker at a place we stayed at. We were talking with her and sharing and she turned out to be a believer from another area originally. We ended up praying for her right there in the hallway, and she got powerfully touched and renewed—living in France as a Christian can be very tough spiritually!


We had a blessed time ministering in Barcelona, Spain, as we shared about the Reformation and grace in a few different meetings. We had a powerful visitation of the Holy Spirit as we ministered. In fact, a young girl just 11 years old got powerfully filled with the Holy Spirit in a very radical way: the Holy Spirit had begun to touch her and when I began to pray for her, it was like a wave of love and power just flooded her, knocking her to the ground where she just soaked up His presence for a good long time!

Ministry in Barcelona, Spain, where we 
shared about the Reformation and grace, 
something the Holy Spirit showed us 
the country is in much need of.
(Check out our video on the 
beginning of the Reformation here:

There were also some new believers there who we got to know; they had just recently come to Christ and were also powerfully filled with the Holy Spirit in a very dramatic way, getting deeply touched by God’s love as the Spirit of God immersed them and overwhelmed them in His grace and love. There were many others who got filled with the Holy Spirit for the first time also, along with some who surrendered their hearts to Christ! We had many share how blessed they were and how much they needed that message of God’s grace and the power of the Holy Spirit, gloria a Dios!

Ministry at a Conference in Riverside

Ministering in Riverside on faith and 
the Holy Spirit and in San Diego.

We were blessed to minister at a conference on faith and the Holy Spirit as the main speakers in Riverside before this EuroMission trip. The Riverside INV Church invited us and specifically said they were desiring for people to be filled and empowered by the Holy Spirit. We were fully up for that!

We preached, shared, and prayed for people at a number of back-to-back meetings and workshops, who came from a couple different congregations.

It was a blessing to experience the Holy Spirit filling, empowering, delivering, and setting free, and healing many people inside and out through the power of Christ’s glorious Holy Spirit who comes to heal brokenness and set captives free! Glory!

The leaders also brought up some of the younger kids to receive prayer, and they also were ministered to by the power of Spirit at the last service. In fact, there were some young girls of about 12 the Lord touched in a powerful way that had their hands in the air and tears streaming down their faces; the Lord filled their hearts and they shared they had never experienced anything like this before, hallelujah!

Southern Border Region and The High Desert

We ministered out in the High Desert area of Hemet at the end of the summer. We have previously done a lot of PrayerFests in this area with our friends Jeff and Jeanette, where we introduce those who haven’t had a Charismatic background to the filling and empowering of the Holy Spirit. On this particular occasion, we ministered at a special meeting at their church where the Lord filled a number of people, including some young kids, with the power of the Holy Spirit.

It was an outdoor meeting that had us sharing and then praying for people out on the lawn of the church into the warm summer night! It was a service that combined the congregations together, having the Hispanic congregation join the service so that Mercedes and I were ministering together with myself speaking and her interpreting—like we so often do—and then praying for people. The Lord filled many in a powerful way and there were a few that also raised their hands to surrender as well as rededicate their lives to Christ, praise God!

We have been ministering down in the Southern Border region in different meetings recently as well.

We experienced some being filled with the Spirit, as well as people receiving Christ, and many receiving physical healing in these particular meetings, including those who testified to receiving healing in the back, shoulder, and necks, right as we prayed for them. In fact, one lady shared how her back was healed in a meeting when we prayed for her, and then she hurt her back again overdoing something. So she found out that we were ministering in another place in the area, and came and got prayer again and got healed again! Praise God, His mercies are new every morning!


Blessed time in Victoria, Canada, where 
we were stoked to cover some of the 
ground where our old friend 
Harald Bredesen used to minister!

We had a powerful time ministering in Victoria, Canada in the summer! The Holy Spirit was moving and we received testimonies of healing, including back issues healed amongst other things, praise God! Our son Patrick and a friend experienced a person receive healing right when they laid hands on them.

We also saw the Holy Spirit powerfully renewing many people in a deep way, one young lady who was overcome and fell over when we prayed for her shared how renewed and revived she was; in fact she had never really fallen over before, but realized now it was the overwhelming love and power of God coming over her.

We were blessed to talk to some believers up there who remember the days when our old friend and mentor Harald Bredesen used to minister in Victoria! We were also blessed to experience some divine appointments while taking a little time to hike and surf up there. A lady we ran into while out hiking was telling us about some of her trials; she didn’t have a charismatic background, but got an introduction when we prayed for her! Reminded me of old times with Harald when out on prayer walks together! Hallelujah! 

We really appreciate your prayers and support!

Bryan, Mercedes and Patrick Marleaux

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