Friday, June 24, 2022

Ministry Update: Spring-Summer 2022

We have been blessed to see the Holy Spirit moving as we’ve been ministering recently as well as experiencing some powerful divine appointments along the way.


Recent Ministry


As we ministered at Centro Cristiano Esperanza up in Orange County, we experienced a very powerful move of the Holy Spirit as we prayed for people. I had shared a message about reaching into different cultures with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, something that flows from the Great Commission Christ gave to His disciples. It was a blessing to see so many there who were filled and empowered, as well as ministered to deeply, even seeing some who received healing as the Holy Spirit swept across the congregation with awesome waves of power! The Kingdom of God was indeed at hand!


We were glad to have our son Patrick and his girlfriend Emily there, as well as our friend Dave E., who happened to be down visiting family in the area from Central California. They all helped us pray for people at the service, which added to helping us see so many of those who were at the service get prayed for and ministered to in a very deep and powerful way, praise God!


We were also glad to see the pastor’s granddaughter get touched later. She had been working the audio and couldn’t come down to receive during the ministry time but ended up getting powerfully ministered to later when we went out to get a bite to eat with the pastor after the service. I felt led to pray for her after we ate and she was powerfully ministered to in a deep way with tears streaming down her face as the Holy Spirit filled her. She just recently arrived from Argentina, so we were thankful for that added opportunity to pray for her.


We ministered up in the mountains in the town of Mammoth as well. We were up north of there actually, when we had a schedule change and a couple of days opened up, and we felt like we should see about the possibility of ministering there. While we were in the process of praying on it, we were surprised to hear someone mention the same name of the church in Mammoth in a TV show later that evening. That seemingly random moment turned out to be confirmation as the Lord opened the door to minister at the Lighthouse Church in Mammoth as well as stay in the area. We were stoked to share some Holy Ghost Ski Stories ( as we spoke and then prayed for many of the people there. We had a special moment when things were seemingly winding down at the end of the service…and then we ended up praying for a few more people up in the front, including a lady we had just experienced a divine connection with recently, that group at the end up front all got especially powerfully ministered to by the Holy Spirit in a deep way, the Lord saved the best for last!


We also ministered up in the Central Coast of California at the Salinas Vineyard. We had an awesome Holy Ghost outpouring while Mercedes and I ministered with our friend Dave, who we mentioned earlier, and is from the Central Coast! The power of the Lord was present in a glorious way and kept pouring out the power of the Holy Spirit over those in the meeting with healing and freedom being released on so many, long into the evening, including ourselves and the pastors. Praise God, we all got deeply ministered to! We also joined them on an open-air outreach the next day doing a bit of worship on the guitar, as well as connecting with a blessed time of food and fellowship together afterwards.


We experienced a powerful time of visitation as we ministered after that in Colorado Springs, Colorado, at Iglesia Arbol de Vida! We shared about how the Pentecostal Movement came to Europe, which was something we learned about through a divine detour while on a mission trip in Europe some years back. We had a powerful move of the Holy Spirit that day which turned a moment of divine visitation when the Holy Spirit unexpectedly poured over all of us, and we ended up all being refreshed as we found ourselves overwhelmed by God’s presence and just receiving! It was also great to get to see and catch up with our old pastor friends out there, as well as other friends in the area, and getting to enjoy a few activities in the region along the way.


We experienced a blessed time of the presence of the Holy Spirit moving in power as well as filling, empowering, and healing many who were there as we ministered at Iglesia Zoe up in La Puente! We shared about some of our past mission trips and learning to pay attention to the leading of the Holy Spirit, which is something Paul exhorts us to aspire to and is an ongoing growing and learning process for all believers. We were glad to have our son Patrick and his girlfriend Emily help us pray for those in the congregation which helps spread the blessing and gives more people an opportunity to receive. We also enjoyed some fellowship with the pastors who are old friends while grabbing a bite to eat after the service.


We were also blessed to do a number of small group home meetings with some friends along the coast, where we got the opportunity to lead worship, as well as have some intimate ministry times praying for one another. One of the blessings of home meetings is that there is way less of a focus on a typical traditional church schedule, and it also opens up the opportunity for “the priesthood of all believers” to come more alive and function, like John Wimber used to say: “We all get to play.” We all did and were blessed and refreshed with a unique time of fellowship and ministry to one another.


Speaking of worship, we were blessed to record a new podcast episode with our friend Cheryl on The Art of Worship. We had the opportunity to share some songs I’ve written and recorded, which includes one that is a worship piece that was inspired by reflecting on the Lord’s glory while enjoying God’s creation while out on the sea and taking some time out in the mountains (“Break Over Me” on and on Apple Music:


Divine Appointments 


Speaking of time on the snow, we had a divine appointment after a little time on the snow together with some friends in the local mountains. We went out for a bite afterwards and Mercedes and myself ended up talking to a Hispanic waitress. We then continued the discussion after dinner and found she had something of a religious background but never really heard the Gospel shared clearly to her before. She responded with an open hungry heart as we explained the Gospel to her and then opened her heart to Christ as we prayed with her there that evening! Hallelujah!


We had another divine appointment with another Hispanic woman as well who we were sharing with while out in the Inland Empire area for a family event. Mercedes had a word of knowledge for her which greatly blessed her. She said that we had reignited the flames of her faith after we finished praying for her, praise the Lord!


We also had some other divine appointments in Central California while up in Salinas. One was when we ended up praying together with our friend Dave for a lady in a pizza restaurant who got visibly touched by the power of the Holy Spirit when we ministered to her, hallelujah! 


We had also been talking with Dave when he mentioned a little town he’d stayed at while out on the road. We actually ended up in the same town while Mercedes and I were traveling out to Colorado a little later on. In the morning we were packing up to leave our motel when we ended up talking with some of the housekeepers which turned into a divine appointment! We led one of the Hispanic housekeepers to the Lord and her friend ended up rededicating her life to Christ, all this while we were on the road traveling to go minister…hallelujah…the Lord can have some surprises in store when we pay attention to the Holy Spirit’s leading even when we were still a bit hazy from just waking up!


We had another divine appointment when we met a guy from India who used to be Hindu but has come to Christ and is stepping out to serve the Lord and evangelize. We talked with and prayed for him while we were visiting Biola University, which is Mercedes’ alma mater. Being on campus there also sparked some memories, one being of how I’d pick her up while driving home from Fuller Seminary, since we only had one car she would have to wait in the dreary commuter lounge—seems they fixed it up after she graduated—same thing with Fuller—they fixed up the place after I graduated! We put over 300,000 miles on our little Honda Civic while we were both in school as well as driving around ministering all over the place. We went through those schools mentioned above as well as UHK: “The University of Hard Knocks” which had some important lessons coming out of it, as well as entering “The School of the Holy Spirit”; however, this particular school continues on as an ongoing blessed learning process!


Media Ministry 


In a recent blog posting and video, we share how the Lord can turn trials around and can even use them for good sometimes. We told the story of St. Patrick and the way the Lord has worked through Celtic Christian believers throughout history. Talking about the real Patrick—who was not Catholic nor Irish but a Christian missionary to Ireland—can often open the door to share the Gospel with others, much like the early apostles, who sometimes found open doors with those who were seekers at the synagogues, as seen in the Book of Acts. There are many people today who may have somewhat of a religious background, but may not know nor have heard the actual Gospel shared with them. They can be open sometimes when they hear the Gospel shared and explained clearly to them. If you want to check out the real St. Patrick’s story, a person who grew up with a religious background but didn’t yet come to Christ until later, here’s the link:


We greatly appreciate all your prayers and support!


Bryan and Mercedes Marleaux

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Patrick of Ireland and Redemptive History

One of the divine mysteries of the Kingdom of God is how the Lord can take negative things and in His unique redemptive way turn them around and use them for good.  

 The cross is the ultimate example of how the enemy sought to destroy the Son of God, and yet from this horrible trial of the crucifixion, we see Kingdom Victory emerge as God brings redemption to those who believe on Christ through it.


The story of Joseph in the Book of Genesis is another example. He ultimately ends up in prison sometime after being sold off by his brothers who betrayed him. However, he is prepared in that trying situation to be a redemptive leader who actually ends up rescuing his brothers—the emerging nation of Israel—when he is brought up into a place of leadership in Egypt after the Lord lifts him out of his humbling situation.


Trials and tribulations are never enjoyable and shouldn’t be made light of; however, there can be redemption for them in God’s Kingdom, and this can breathe hope when we are having to endure difficult times.


Patrick of Ireland


Known popularly as St. Patrick, the historic missionary to Ireland also had to endure a unique and difficult situation. However, it ended up being used redemptively and became a time of important missionary training for him.


Patrick was taken prisoner to Ireland after being captured during a raid in Roman Britain by barbarians when he was in his later teens. 


While a slave—unfortunately, this fallen world’s long hard history is riddled with such oppression and Patrick points out that thousands of Britons were captured and enslaved—he was forced and immersed into learning about the culture, language and society of Ireland.


After some time in that land, forlorn and alone and being forced to take care of pigs, he called out to God and experienced a conversion to Christ. Though he had been raised in a Celtic Christian home, he did not come into his own saving relationship with Christ until this.


Sometime after his conversion, he was given a vision of how to escape, and was shown a ship sitting just off shore further down the coast. He hiked his way to it and was granted  passage if he’d take care of the dogs on board. He returned to Roman Britain and was welcomed as one who’d come back from the dead.


Sometime later on, he had another vision which would lead him back to the Emerald Isle as a missionary. Through this vision, the Lord called him to return as a minister of the Gospel. He heard the voice of the Irish calling him: “Come back oh holy youth and walk amongst us once more…” After some time of preparation he did return, this time as a missionary.


He had been prepared and trained through his earlier captivity, much like the account of Joseph we read in the Old Testament. His previous immersion amongst Ireland’s people, language, and culture, even though it was a severe trial, had actually prepared him to reach into that unique culture and effectively communicate the Gospel to that people group. 


The Lord took the evil imposed on him and turned it around and brought redemption out of it and used it for good. 


Patrick became a powerfully used historic evangelist to Ireland, leading many to Christ through signs and wonders, and starting many little churches. This, however, does not mean it was all easy going: he faced many trials, difficulties and persecutions, but the Gospel and the power of the Holy Spirit prevailed and his difficult earlier trials were redeemed! However, he never forgot his fallen sinful roots and the merciful redemption he received, and wrote in his confession during his latter years: “I am Patrick, a sinner, most unlearned, the least of all the faithful, and utterly despised by many…”. His words seem to echo Paul’s, as he himself wrote in his later epistles: “I am the worst of sinners…” (1 Tim 1:15)  Even though Paul was used powerfully by God, he never forgot that it is by sheer grace and mercy he was saved, and all the glory goes to the Lord!


 More Celtic Examples 


Patrick helped establish the Celtic Church in Ireland, which was instrumental in reaching out to other people groups, and it is important to note that Patrick was not Roman Catholic. 

"Patrick and Columcille [the missionary later inspired by him] were both Celtic believers and had no direct ties to the Roman Church"  says Ruth Tucker, who has a PhD in History, in her missionary history tome From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya. She shared on this subject at Fuller Theological Seminary when I was a student there and was an impressive speaker.

It was many centuries later when Roman Catholicism was imposed on the Emerald  Island. It was actually the Pope and the King of England—Ole Blighty always seeking to rule over its northern neighbors back then—who conspired together to impose Catholicism on Ireland as a way to hold sway over the land and its people. Ireland’s original Christian roots are thus not Roman Catholic but rather of the Celtic Christian faith.


Celtic Christians were distinct from Roman Catholicism and were at times actually at odds with them:  Celtic Missionaries didn't pay heed to the parish system in Catholicism and were seen by them as loose canons going wherever they pleased to evangelize. Celtic Christians, furthermore, believed in justification by faith through grace, regularly studied the Scriptures, and ministers were not forced to be celibate but were free to marry or not, depending on their own choice; they were missionary-minded and focused, and sought to evangelize and minister the Gospel. This is in contrast to Catholicism, which developed an unbiblical  system of penance and works for salvation, and would sometimes convert via the sword along with politically imposing their will on other people groups.


Celtic Christians and the

Conversion of the Scandinavians


Vikings later began to raid the shores of Ireland and the British Isles, and Celtic Christians, as well as monks and ministers, were often taken captive back to Scandinavia.


This oppressive situation was also turned around redemptively as the Celtic believers in turn began witnessing to, and evangelizing their captors, and converting the Scandinavians to Christianity even while being held captive by them, much in the same way that early believers in the Roman Empire, including slaves and other low people of society, often witnessed and won over their captors and more distinguished hearers, demonstrating the verse "...the weakness of God is stronger than man's strength" (1 Cor. 1:25).   Meaning, as Paul says, the Lord often uses the weak things of the world to paradoxically carry out his purposes.


Since the Scandinavians saw no political threat from these Celtic Christians, as they would from the Roman Catholic Church whose forced conversions often coincided with taking over lands, the Scandinavians were open to the Gospel message from the Celtic believers and many were converted this way, as historian Ruth Tucker notes as well.


Viking King Converted


A Viking king set about raiding the Celtic regions. He heard there was a fortune teller of some kind on one of the Scilly islands off the coast of the British Isles. He set out to find this fortune teller and find out about his future.


However, the so-called fortune teller was actually a prophetic Christian minister of Celtic stock who was off the coast of Cornwall. 


Olaf Tryggvason received a prophecy upon his visit which told him he would be wounded in battle, carried back to his ship on his shield by his soldiers, and then would call out to God and turn to Christ, and take the Gospel back to Norway.


After it all turned out just as it had been foretold to him, Tryggvason once again visited the prophet, who then baptized and sent him back to Norway to share the Gospel.


He was a Viking warrior who may not have ridded himself of all his warrior ways right off to our modern, more advanced liking, but it was a different more violent age with countries that fought savagely with one another back then—oh yeah, nothing’s changed and we are not more advanced, that stuff still goes on today, doesn’t it, even at this very moment—nevertheless, he helped stem idolatry and furthered the spread of Christianity back home.




The Holy Spirit was the power furthering the Gospel’s spread through history regardless of the imperfections at times of the people and of difficult faith-testing situations. If God didn’t use imperfect people, he’d have no one to use. Sinners saved by grace is the redemptive thread weaving through the historic narrative of Christ’s redemption throughout time. Though saved, the yet-abiding human weaknesses are overshadowed by the redemption and power that flows from on high to those that open their hearts to Jesus. 

Indeed, he IS ABLE to redeem difficult and trying situations and this can give us hope when we endure trials.


The Apostle Paul, who endured plenty of trials himself, says in Romans 15:13: 

“I pray that God, who gives hope, will bless you with complete joy and peace because of your faith, and the power of the Holy Spirit fill you with hope.”



More of our Resources on the Celtic Christian Legacy:


• The Real St Patrick: Get the real story versus the fables that have only obscured his legacy. 

• Celtic Cry: A video we made with an original song and music I wrote. The video includes scenes and surf through Ireland. 

• Columcille - Missionary to Iona: Story of the Irish missionary who was inspired by Patrick and went to reach the Picts in Scotland. 

• Celtic Christian Legacy and Treasures: Some valuable history of early Celtic Christians as well as important Christian artifacts from that era in Ireland. 

• The Conversion of the Vikings: The story of how these once-feared Norsemen came to belief and faith in Christ. 
• A Visit to Lindisfarne: Also known as Holy Island, Lindisfarne is associated with early Celtic Christianity. It is considered one of the first places the Vikings raided and from which they took captives. These kidnapped Celtic Christians ended up helping reach the Vikings with the Gospel. 

• Driving Through The Irish Countryside: From being followed by a cloud to finding surf in Ireland’s most remote stretch of coast.


*The Legacy of the True Historical Patrick by Richard Bennet, who is a former Catholic priest. Commentary and notes on the theft of Patrick’s historic legacy by the Catholic Church.


Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Divine Appointment On The Road

We have been blessed to experience some powerful divine appointments that the Lord has brought our way over the years, sometimes in unusual and unexpected places. One in recent times especially stands out:


We were driving through Utah looking for a place to stay late at night when we pulled up to a motel and the Lord gave me a word: “This is not the place.” I was a bit surprised and a little frustrated because I was tired and wanted to get off the road. 


However, it is important to discern that the Lord may have something more than we understand in store, so we continued driving on and came to a place that felt like it was the right place to stop at, which was about an hour later.


The next morning as we were about to leave, I was in the hallway and figured that the Lord probably had some reason for us being there…but still didn’t know what it was. 


Then, as I walked along the hallway, I saw one of the motel service maids in the corridor and the Holy Spirit quickened my heart. I looked at her and felt led to ask: “Do you need prayer?” 


I was quite surprised when she threw her hands in the air and yelled “Hallelujah!” 


“Yes, I do!” she exclaimed, and in fact, she went on to explain that she was a born-again believer in Christ, and had been praying that God would send a fellow believer to pray for her. She went on to explain that there were hardly any Christians or Christian churches in this area of Utah at all, but instead just plenty of the deception that thrives out there.


She had us come into one of the guest rooms and Mercedes and I laid hands on her and she experienced a powerful move of God, being filled with the Holy Spirit and also experiencing healing and deliverance. She was actually knocked to the ground and came up completely refreshed, renewed, and revived. She stood up and composed herself with a smile that was from ear to ear!


We have also been blessed to lead some people to Christ in this same area, and minister to many others who exist as believers, in the middle of what is a spiritual desert. We felt as though the Lord has had us on an unusual mission many times out there, making raids into a dark land with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and the power of His Holy Spirit.


We are blessed and amazed when we find ourselves extending the Kingdom of God,  sometimes in unusual and unexpected places, bringing living water to those who are in desperate need and are thirsty and hungry for Christ’s presence! We appreciate your prayers and thank you for considering us in your giving of support as well.


Our old friend Harald Bredesen, who was one of the fathers of the Charismatic Renewal, and one who was also led by the Holy Spirit into many important divine appointments himself, had a rather nice endorsement of our ministry:


Of all the ministries I’ve worked with, there is none that I have the greatest confidence in the purity of the motivation and the fact that it was the Holy Spirit who gave birth to it than Grace World Mission, led by its founders, Bryan and Mercedes Marleaux...I’ve seen the sacrifice; I’ve seen the zeal; I’ve seen the Spirit-ledness…and I am so happy to be a part of it—I hope you will be and will support it... I’m sure He’ll bless you for it.


We greatly appreciate all your prayers and support!

God bless!

Bryan and Mercedes Marleaux

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Merry Christmas

YouTube video: Joy to the World Instrumental 
and Brief Message

But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. For behold, I bring you good news of great joy, which will be for all people: Today in the town of David, a Savior was born for you. He is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2:10-11 

One of the things you notice in the Christmas narrative is that every time an angel appears the first message is: “Do not be afraid.” 

We often do have many things in life that can make us afraid; however, Jesus said He has a type of peace for us “that passes all understanding.” Having that peace permeate into our inner being often comes with an understanding of the rest of the angelic message. 

The coming of Christ is Good News: For the Savior, Jesus Christ the Messiah, sent from Heaven, will take on and pay for our sin. Thus, those who receive and believe upon Him, no longer need to carry the weight of guilt and shame from our fallen condition. Christ came to ransom us from sin, once for all. 
Human beings are constantly searching for some way to have peace, looking in so many empty places. Christ, however, says that He will give us this peace, peace that passes all understanding. The apostle Paul in the Book of Romans Chapter 5 says that we now have peace with God, having been justified by His grace through faith. 
Having believed and received eternal life, the Lord seeks to continue working into our innermost being “a peace that passes all understanding.” Paul goes on to say this happens as we let the Holy Spirit fill us even to overflowing (Romans 15:13). 

The Holy Spirit is the true Spirit of Christmas as we see in the Christmas narrative. By letting the Holy Spirit fill us to overflowing, remembering that peace is a fruit of the Holy Spirit, we can have that peace “that passes all understanding” even in the midst of this crazy fallen world and all its problems. 

Praise God, the Lord gives us Good News of great joy and an everlasting peace! 

Merry Christmas and may God’s richest blessings be with you in the New Year! 
Bryan, Mercedes and Patrick Marleaux

Friday, December 3, 2021

Ministry Update: Fall/Winter 2021

Praise God! Jesus said: “I have come that they may have life and that more abundantly.” John 10:10. We are thankful for the life eternal and abundant Christ has given us and that He gives us opportunity to share it with others.


We have been ministering down in the Southern border region recently, where we preached at a meeting at Iglesia Antioquia which is a church where we have old friends and one that we have been connected to for many years. In fact, in the past we spent 7 years there teaching and preaching and helping out on a monthly basis. We preached on how Christ has paid the full price for our sins on the cross, as well as the righteousness that He credits to us by faith along with the grace we are given in Christ. As we prayed over the congregation the power of the Holy Spirit filled and renewed those we prayed for, giving a deeper revelation and understanding of Christ’s sacrifice for us. It is amazing how the Holy Spirit brings a deepening of the revelation of the cross, and it is always refreshing when His presence moves among us.


We got to share some Holy Ghost Stories as well as some Revival History and perform some Worship and Revival Songs together on The Art of Worship podcast with Cheryl Deborah Thomas on the Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network in OC, which appears on numerous platforms, channels, and formats. It was a blessed time of sharing together on a couple of different programs with Mercedes, Cheryl, and myself, as we spoke and sang. 


As we approached the 504th anniversary of the Reformation at the end of October, we also shared on a Zoom prayer meeting, telling about Martin Luther and how the grace of Christ touched his life in such a deep way that it eventually reverberated out through Europe and then to other nations. This year is also the 410th anniversary of the publication of the King James Bible. We share about the connection between the Reformation and the King James publication in our latest video and blog which you can check out here:


We have also shared at Calvary Chapel in San Clemente a couple of times recently on the work and power of the Holy Spirit, in and for evangelism, and the need for the Holy Spirit to empower us to reach people with the Gospel, something the Jesus People Revival was all about. We prayed for the group of people there at the end of one of the meetings. The Lord gave me a word as we were praying for people and the Holy Spirit then fell in power as I shared it! A young woman got touched powerfully and began crying as I shared the word and the Spirit filled her and then others started getting touched and filled with the Holy Spirit, in the end everyone there got touched and ministered to, hallelujah!!




We also joined up with that particular young lady who got touched at CCSC and we prayed for, going out on the weekend to do an outreach at the beach in South OC. We shared the Gospel and planted seeds with many others, as well as prayed for different people on the beach. This included a Hispanic woman who we had a divine appointment with who was deeply touched when we prayed for her right there on the beach and who then wrote us a very nice note afterwards sharing how deeply ministered to she was! We also ministered to a young Marine. I was able to share with him and also counsel and pray for him to help him move forward in his walk with God.


In fact, we have been participating in some other outreaches along the Coast in different areas recently as well. 


One of the other outreaches was down in San Diego, where we had a divine appointment with a woman we met and prayed for who got ministered to powerfully, as well as running into an old friend. We joined together and prayed for these guys and ministered to them, which included our son Patrick who was at the outreach too with a friend. The Holy Spirit swept in and fell in power, knocking a number of those we were praying with to the ground, and deeply and powerfully impacted them with Christ’s love, power, and glory, hallelujah!


We shared about Lonnie Frisbee and the Jesus People Revival at an outreach at Pirate’s Cove in Corona Del Mar, telling about the large baptisms that used to take place there. Lonnie was used to lead others not only water baptism, but also the baptism of the Holy Spirit. We also shared and prayed for numerous people there who we met and who were impacted by the Holy Spirit when we ministered to them!


More Divine Appointments…


We also had a divine appointment with a Hispanic lady at a coffee shop. The Lord gave me a word for her about her needing prayer when I talked with her. 


She asked us to wait a few minutes until she was done working to pray for her. In the meantime, a lot of spiritual warfare started happening when the manager, out of the blue, started acting rude and hostile to us. We knew it was spiritual warfare and just ignored it. We waited until she was finished, and then and then began to pray for her with some friends, who we have been ministering together with at their house church,and the Lord touched her very, very powerfully. She was a believer going through many trials and the Lord ministered to her deeply, with many tears coming down as the Holy Spirit filled her up! Glory Hallelujah!!

The Lord has been leading us into many other divine appointments as well. 


We went up the Northern Coast of the Pacific for a family wedding where Mercedes’ nephew was getting married. On the way up, we stopped to camp along the coast, where we encountered some hippie guys who lived there at the camp, and we ended up spending some time sharing the Gospel with them and planting the seeds of the Kingdom of God in their hearts. 


It is important to note that a significant part of the evangelistic process is planting seeds. A person who we led to the Lord recently had someone else sowing the seeds of the Kingdom in their life, which we got to harvest in leading them to Christ. As Jesus said‘One sows the seed, and another reaps the harvest…’ John 4:37.


We also had some divine appointments at the wedding. I met a well-known Christian author who I connected with and prayed for, and he began sharing some of his own private Holy Spirit encounter stories with me when he found out I was Spirt-filled, which led him to open up to me (he is not publicly known as Charismatic but has been having some Charismatic experiences). We also prayed for one of the cooks there at the wedding as well as witnessing to some other people we met while having a few adventures along the way!


We also had a Holy Ghost rendezvous on the way home with our old friend Dave from up north. We met together up north while we were traveling and experienced some refreshing waves of living water as we shared and prayed together. 

We have also been ministering in some small group settings where we have experienced the Lord ministering powerfully in healing and mercy by the power of the Holy Spirit. 


We thank you so much for your prayers and support which helps keep us out there ministering the Kingdom of God and the love of Christ to others. 

Blessings to you!

Bryan and Mercedes Marleaux

Sunday, October 31, 2021

King James and the Authorized Version of the Bible and Its Ties to the Reformation

This year is the 504th Anniversary of The Reformation and the 410th Anniversary of the King James Bible. Along with the Reformation igniting a widespread return to biblical faith throughout Europe, with the realization that it is Jesus Christ who saves and not the religious institution, there were also a number of Bible translations that came forth. This would result eventually in the publication of the King James Bible later in England. 

The following is a brief overview of how that came about. 

King James and the Bible 

King James had been taught from his earliest days by a Protestant tutor. Thus raised as a Protestant, the new King in England, who for the first time ruled both England and Scotland, was approached by a group of Puritans who brought forth a number of requests known as the Millenary Petition, a document signed by one thousand Puritans. 

The Puritans originally were a revival movement in England that came out of the Reformation, whose name indicated a desire to purify the Church and return completely to the New Testament. 

Though raised as a Protestant, King James still had a lot of his own ideas, and he viewed the Puritans as quite extreme. 

He would, however, grant one of the Puritans’ requests and publish an authorized official version of the Holy Bible. 

This one request King James granted became his most enduring legacy. The King James Bible, known in England as the Authorized Version and in America as the King James Version, became renowned throughout the English-speaking world for centuries, and from its publication to our present day it has been widely used. 

Martin Luther’s Influence on the English Reformation 

Martin Luther was reading the book of Romans when he experienced the grace of God that is given through faith in Christ. Luther had suffered under the burden of performing the ongoing rituals prescribed by the Catholic Church to merit salvation. However, he came into a place of liberty and freedom in Christ having the heavy burden lifted off when he read about the forgiveness and grace given to us when we just put our faith in Christ and receive the grace and forgiveness He gives through His work on the cross. 

Luther began teaching on this amazing grace after his born-again experience and also drew up a list of things he wanted to challenge and debate with other theologians regarding the errors the Catholic Church was teaching. He tacked this list, called the Ninety-Five Theses, to the Castle Church door in Wittenberg on October 31st in 1517. 

Luther’s Theses sparked The Protestant Reformation, igniting a widespread return to faith in Christ in Europe, with the realization that it is Jesus Christ who is the one who saves, not the religious institution. The New Testament teaching that salvation is a gift given through faith in Christ by grace, not by religious performance of rituals, spread far and wide in Europe. 

Repercussions Across the Channel 

The Reformation’s impact eventually began to come across the English Channel into Great Britain and it was regularly discussed at Cambridge University. 

One of the places in Cambridge that held lively discussions on the topic was a pub known as the White Horse Inn, where long discussions would take place late into the evenings. Cambridge became known as a Little Germany and Little Wittenberg due to the adoption of Reformation truths. 

Those that were able to read the New Testament, saw that Luther was just drawing from its central teaching and merely saying that Christ has paid for our sin on the cross already, which is to be received by faith and is not something that we can earn or work for by performing religious rituals, nor can this forgiveness and salvation be merited by any other religious performance nor work. 

Here lay an important problem though, as the religious institution of the day, the Catholic Church, saw to it that the Bible was not available. 

They had made it illegal for common people to own or possess the Scriptures in any way. In fact, at the Synod of Toulouse in 1229, the Catholic Church officially forbade the laity to possess the Bible, and from that time onward people were burned at the stake—including women and children—for possession of illegal Bibles or sometimes merely having just some pages of the Bible. 

They also opposed translations into the common vernacular languages. The Catholic Church wanted the Bible kept only in Latin so as to limit who could read it or have access to it. Latin was a long dead language at this point and the vast majority of people, including most of the clergy in the Catholic Church, could neither read it nor understand it. Scholar David Daniell says: “The Bible might as well have been in Chinese for all the good it did forcing it to be kept in Latin.” Because Luther had been studying to be a lawyer before he entered the monastery, he was able to read Latin. 

Luther had made a translation of the New Testament into German while hiding in the Warburg Castle escaping those who wanted his death. His translation further fueled the Reformation. Now people could read for themselves that the New Testament taught that salvation is a gift from God given through faith in Christ. He later finished translating the rest of the Bible into the German language once he was able to return home to Wittenberg. 

William Tyndale 

William Tyndale had been a Catholic priest in England, and like Luther, had also experienced a conversion to Christ and was touched by the grace of God. 

He had spent time studying in Cambridge and having discussions at the White Horse Inn, and being influenced by the Reformation and Martin Luther, wanted to make a Bible translation available in the English language. 

Tyndale had transferred from Oxford to Cambridge because Oxford towed the Catholic line and held in its Constitutions prohibition against the Bible being in the common English language. 

Influenced by the impact Martin Luther had in translating the New Testament into the German vernacular, Tyndale sought to do the same for the English-speaking world. 

He set out to create a translation of the New Testament first, and then the rest of the Bible. In an effort to begin his quest, Tyndale left Cambridge and found favor with a couple who provided him a place to stay and work out in Little Sodbury where he began his work of translation. 

Tyndale eventually came over to Germany to meet with Martin Luther in Wittenberg, after leaving England due to persecution. 

It was shortly after this time with Luther that Tyndale began to have his translation of the New Testament printed first in Worms, Germany, then smuggled into England. 

Tyndale’s pocket-sized New Testaments, which could be easily hidden, became a huge hit in the United Kingdom and caused quite a stir, to the consternation of Woolsey, the Catholic Bishop in London who sought to buy them up so he could burn them. 

This plan of Woolsey backfired in numerous ways. The larger population was outraged that a clergyman would have the outrageous audacity to burn the Holy Scriptures. Furthermore, the seller of the New Testaments had the money secretly sent to Tyndale who printed three times as many of his translation of the New Testaments which further flooded into England. 

Woolsley was shocked when he was told he had actually been unwittingly funding Tyndale through his fanatical efforts to liquidate the Word of God. 

One of the great blessings that Tyndale and Luther both had was the work of Didier Erasmus, a Cambridge professor from The Netherlands who assembled and published a Greek text of the New Testament which gave them accessibility to the original text. 

Thus, Luther and Tyndale made their translations of the New Testament from the original Greek. John Wycliffe, a little more than a century earlier, had made an English translation but only had the Latin version to work from. Wycliffe Bibles also had to be copied by hand, as the printing press had not yet been invented, and most copies were rounded up and burned along with many believers. The invention of the printing press greatly accelerated the Reformation and the distribution of the Scriptures. 

Tyndale and His Dying Words 

Tyndale was persecuted, and was eventually betrayed, arrested, and put to death. His dying words, as he was about to be burned at the stake, were a prayer: “Lord, open the king of England’s eyes.” 

A year after the death of Tyndale, King Henry VIII had Bibles placed in churches to be available to be read by the people. The dying prayer of Tyndale went even further though, when King James later granted the Puritans one request, which was the publication of an authorized version of the Bible, which became known in America later as the King James Bible. 

Scholar David Daniell says the sages and scholars King James assembled to do the work used Tyndale’s translation as their framework, and actually 90% of the King James New Testament is Tyndale’s work. The Lord carried forth this reformer’s effort and prayer into an amazing legacy 

We have numerous videos for more on these subjects: 

Monday, August 2, 2021

Ministry Update - Summer 2021

Praise the Lord! Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever! He went to the cross and paid the price to give us eternal life. The Holy Spirit, whom He has sent, continues to pour out His power to heal and to save, and to minister the grace and love of the living Savior. Hallelujah! 

 Recent Ministry 

Here are some highlights from the ministry the Lord has been doing amongst us: 

We have been ministering down in the Southern Border region recently and experiencing the presence of the Lord moving amongst us. 

In fact, we just experienced a blessed time ministering at a meeting that Hermana Concepcion set up, whom we have known for years. She set up a special meeting for us to do in her backyard right down by the border. 

The Lord poured out His refreshing living water of the Holy Spirit as we shared, led worship, and then ministered and prayed for many there! 

One of the highlights for us was praying for her two grandchildren—who are in their late 20’s—both of them got powerfully ministered to with tears flowing. Concepcion said she has never seen them experience the touch of God’s presence and receive from the Lord like this ever before! Glory to God! There were many other people who also received a powerful touch from the Lord as well as His healing presence. 

We also ministered with a Calvary Chapel in South OC recently and they had us share about my early days and how, after getting saved, I ended up at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa through an unusual divine appointment back in the Jesus People days, as well as the empowering of the Holy Spirit I experienced at what was then called Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda—later to be named the Anaheim Vineyard—through Lonnie Frisbee’s ministry there back in the day. They actually filmed all this for their online streaming TV program. 

You can view the Interview which shares a lot of history of the era here:

We also prayed for the people who were there at the meeting and God touched a number of them quite powerfully! So it was quite a blessed situation! The pastor said at the end: “We just experienced a real afterglow like the old days back in the Jesus’ People times.” Hallelujah! 

We also had some other small group meetings where we had a blessed time of the Holy Spirit ministering powerfully and deeply, bringing lots of renewal and healing. 

Divine Appointments 

We recently had a divine appointment while hiking where we led someone to the Lord. Mercedes and I were on the way to the mountains to have a little time together and we stopped to take a hike. 

We kept running into a couple on the hike and we started talking with them out by a turnaround point. The Lord opened a door to share the Gospel with them and it turned out the lady was a believer but the guy wasn’t, although he told us how people had been sharing the Gospel with him recently. By the leading of the Holy Spirit, we explained that Christ was knocking on the door of his heart. Praise God, he opened his heart to pray with us and receive Christ as his Savior and Lord!! Hallelujah!! 

Sometimes we get to plant seeds, sometimes we water the seeds that have been planted by others, and at other times we get to experience the harvest when the Lord opens the door. There are other times when we get to encourage fellow believers, as we share here next. It’s all equally important in the Kingdom of God.  

We had a divine appointment with some people up in the mountains, while on a rafting trip with some friends including Jeff and Jeanette who invited us to go rafting with them. We also had some powerful spontaneous evening Holy Ghost prayer times with them and other friends who were there, praise God! The divine appointment took place while out hiking: We met a couple—while getting a bit lost—and asking directions. After talking a bit, it turned out that this couple were believers and actually ministered with a friend we know, so we immediately connected with them. Their own ministry has suffered a lot during COVID as did so many—which we were not immune to ourselves, however the Lord is faithful and helped us through—so we prayed for them and they were greatly encouraged and buoyed by the touch of God. Hallelujah! 

We always appreciate your prayers and support for us, and even more so in trying times! 
Thanks for your faithfulness in Christ! 
Blessings to you! 

Bryan and Mercedes Marleaux 

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