Friday, December 28, 2012

Prophetic Endorsement

We are blessed and honored to have received a powerful endorsement of our ministry and lives from Pastor of Shekinah Fellowship David Sloane who is also an old friend that we have known over the years.  We go back all the way to the days of hanging out with Lonnie Frisbee so it is an awesome blessing to receive his words endorsing our lives and work in the Lord, as well as his prophetic encouragement.  He sent this, along with some other powerful prophecies and words to us personally, just out of the blue some twenty years to the day after Lonnie had prophesied over us at a meeting in South Orange County.  Frisbee laid out some powerful words over our lives and the meeting was one of those off the chart deals that left you basking in the presence of God for days.  David just put this endorsement of us on his website that we thought we'd share with you.  Interestingly enough a little white dove showed up and landed right in front of us the day we received this from him!! Glory! (Excerpt and photo below.)

Revival is the cry today and we desperately need it.  How revivals happened and what took place are important points of study.  We've recently added a revival history page to our website. For example, our program on "The Great Awakening" shows how the confluence of Reformation Foundations and the Power of the Spirit flowed together into an explosive outpouring that shook the early American Colonies.
We do some musical stuff now and then.   We've recorded a few things that we've put on our music page on Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud.  With everything else we are doing, we've haven't put much out about it, so check out Immanuel a song we wrote and recorded.  When you are your own: guitarist for both rhythm and lead, bassist, vocalists, drummer, song writer and sound engineer you remember why you don't do it more often: Oy vey! So much work!  
  • Following is an excerpt of what David Sloane wrote about us on his website:

If you desire to donate where your money does not build mansions and fancy lifestyles then this is the ministry you have been looking for to give your support to. Grace World Mission. Please pass this on to others in your own network.

We know Brian and Mercedes and have seen the fruits of the Holy Spirit in their walks with God. Lonnie Frisbee personally laid his hands upon this couple and prophesied their ministry before it came to pass. He imparted into their young lives the things of God and the unction of the Holy Spirit. They move in divine appointments in much the same way that Lonnie Frisbee had moved in them. They enjoy many of the same blessings that Lonnie has been noted for. Evangelism, healings, deliverances, and wonderful teaching of the Living Word of God are just a few of the attributes that come forth from this incredible husband and wife team.

They have a God given powerful vision for going out far and wide preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ. If you desire to give of your tithes and love offerings where it will do the most good for the kingdom of God and won't be misused you would do well to support Grace World Mission.  

Seriously folks this is what you have been praying about and desiring, a place where you know your support is actually needed and used for what you have wanted for so long. No more frustration and disappointment seeing your gifts going to ministries that abuse the privilege of serving you and the Lord Jesus Christ. 

You will never hear of them building Mansions in places where the kings of the earth live. Nor will you ever hear of them living the lifestyle of the kings of the earth like other ministers gone astray of their calling in the Lord Jesus Christ. 

What you will hear is the amazing and powerful stories of people coming to know their Lord and Savior. You will hear stories of New Testament type deliverance's.  You will hear of how God has used your tithes and offerings to do the work of the Kingdom for His glory and honor.

Thank you and may you pray about supporting Grace World Mission today! 

David Sloane and Wife

Assistant pastor Shekinah Fellowship

(If you would like to see his entire posting you can go to his blog: )

Here's a video from our friend Erik Janssen talking about our ministry:

A video from our good friend and one of the fathers of the Charismatic Renewal Harald Bredesen talking about our ministry:

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