Monday, May 9, 2016

Remembering the Mother's Day Outpouring

While celebrating Mother’s Day yesterday, the significance of the day in contemporary Christian History came to mind, a history some may actually not be aware of:

It was at a Mother’s Day service a few decades back when Lonnie Frisbee gave his testimony at Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda (which met in the High School Gym at Canyon High School in Yorba Linda) and then invited the Holy Spirit to come and move amongst the congregation. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit that followed started a revival that went out to the nations.  
Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda at Canyon High School.
John Wimber leads worship at Canyon High School.
Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda experienced a full blown revival following that outpouring.  It would later became a Vineyard Church and pastor John Wimber, who had experienced his first Power Encounter on that Mother’s Day, so impacted by it all, began teaching and ministering on the power of God. The ministry and revival birthed that day would go out to the nations. 

This revival subsequently became known as “The Third Wave” a name coined by Fuller Seminary Missiologist Peter Wagner. Praise God that power and fire is still moving! I personally got baptized in the Holy Spirit back then in the Canyon High School Gym at  Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda where the outpouring of the Holy Spirit became a regular thing. 
Bryan is prayed for by Lonnie Frisbee and Jill Austin.
I wrote a piece on this outpouring and my own experience some time back and have included some links here to that article for more reading, as well as links to other articles and videos we’ve done regarding this subject.

Blessings to you!

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  1. Love that photo of you Lonnie and Jill.

  2. This is an article that anyone who is interested in the origins of the modern "move of the Spirit" should read. Virtually everything that is going on right now in the Revival Alliance, Partners in Harvest, Bethel [Bill Johnson, Redding, Ca], Global Awakening, Iris Ministries [Heidi Baker], and more, has its roots somewhere and somehow in the move of God that began on Mother's Day that Bryan Marleaux writes about here. Ken