Monday, March 17, 2014

Celtic Cry

Jesus often withdrew to lonely places (Matt.14:13; Luke 5:16; Mark 1:45). Maintaining the all so important relationship with the Father, He did not let the demands of ministry overtake His intimacy and union with His heavenly Father which needed to be kept first.

So, while out in Ucluelet, Canada—basically the ends of the earth—just like it sounds, out in the middle of nowhere at the end of Canada’s only paved road to the open Pacific Ocean, we are doing a little reflection on Patrick of Ireland:

Patrick of Ireland’s call to his mission field has always been a fascinating thing.  I even wrote a song about it, which you can see below. 

Reminiscent of Paul’s Macedonian call, Patrick’s call stands out in history as one of those Spirit-led moments that we only later understand the importance of. Important in that he began the process of evangelizing Ireland and establishing the Celtic Church there (it was not Catholic, mind you—those guys invaded the scene much later.)

He describes how he heard the voice of the Irish calling him, “Come, oh holy youth and walk amongst us once more.”

Stepping out in faith and obedience is often a challenge, no matter the stories of glory told later, as those initial steps can always feel a bit daunting. 

For Patrick it was a step back into the land of his former servitude where he was once a pig-herding slave.  He would now, however, go as an evangelist.  It is central to the Gospel to reach out to the lost, and signs and wonders would be essential in that task.

For Patrick it was a step of faith into the unknown, into a world filled with hostile evil forces.  The spiritual warfare was daunting!  The Druids were very opposed to the Christian faith and would often let him know while on the Emerald Isle in menacing word and deed.

In spite of all the opposition he faced, Patrick obeyed the call of God and went.  He faced many trials and tribulations but stayed on.  That is a key thing: he persevered, and in the end, after many a battle of faith, he saw signs and wonders, conversions, healings, miracles and the like: those are things we get excited about, but we often forget about the trials and tribulations that always accompany them.

As we are willing to take up the cross and follow the leading of Christ’s Spirit and accept the sufferings as part of the package, we will surely see more of the things that those of old experienced, from Paul to Patrick, and on and on.  Jesus said though, that we must be willing to take up the cross!

Celtic Cry Lyrics

Oh Stormy skies

And Green valleys

I hear an ancient cry

Calling out to me.

Lashing seas

Skerries and bogs

I hear a Celtic cry

Calling out to me.

Rugged paths

Lined with clover and moss
I see the ancient steps

And a burning cross.

It lights the sky up bright

With fluorescent light

I hear them crying out

Come and bear the cross.

Walk amongst us once more

Come and bear the cross

Walk amongst us once more

Come and reach the lost

©Music and lyrics by Bryan Marleaux
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