Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ministry Update: June 2011

Ministering to a brother getting empowered and filled
at the "Summer of Love" celebration, as a video clip of
Lonnie Frisbee is hovering above us - wow pretty wild that!

We just had a blessed time while ministering in South Orange County at the “Summer of Love” celebration. We spoke on reflections of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and remarkable salvations and healings in the days of the “Third Wave Outpouring” and “Jesus People Revival.” The Spirit of God moved in power, just like back in the day, as many words of encouragement and prophecies were released as God moved in glory. Words of encouragement are what we need in this spiritual battle. Pastor Gerard Driscoll said it well at the meeting: It is Christ’s cross of power and pain that we walk in. We experience the power greatly but we also feel the pain as so much of the body of Christ seems to have forgotten that Paul’s word in Eph. 5:18 to be filled with the Spirit is not an option but a command to all believers.

Report from Salinas: Thank you guys for taking the time to come up to Salinas! It was such a major blessing! God definitely made a major impact on us that is continuing to affect us in our personal lives and in ministry. God is really starting to reveal the power of the finished work of the cross to me. It's the most freeing thing I have ever known! From Dave E.

We had a powerful outpouring of the Spirit in Ontario recently when we taught on learning to be available for God and sharing the Good News with others. Jesus’ words: “You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and be my witnesses…” That Scripture definitely came to life as the Lord poured His glory and power over people, filling and anointing them. An incredible wave of power swept over many, preparing them to witness to His truth.

Praying in Ontario for evangelistic empowering -
you shall recieve power..and be my witnesses!

We experienced that anointing kick in to put those words into reality and bring some people to Christ in some different evangelistic outreaches we’ve been doing, including a recent evangelistic crusade in San Diego. God moved and people were filled, healed, empowered and saved.

Evangelistic crusade in San Diego with ministry for healing

We recently ministered in Santa Barbara and were rejoicing to see the Holy Spirit filling and empowering and pouring out His love and releasing an atmosphere of freedom as the Spirit of God moved in glory. One sister shared later: “You guys always bring forth a breakthrough for us when you minister up here.”

Ministering in Santa Barbara with IVC
and enjoying the glory, freedom, and fellowship!

The Lord has put it on our hearts to head out again. We recently found some deals on tickets and will be heading to Europe soon. If you want to help out, please feel welcome, as it is as much “the expensive continent” as well as “the dark continent.” (Support page: For far too long missions have been associated with helping people in poverty, however Jesus said “go into all the world.” Because there isn’t a need for food assistance or the like, Europe has been overlooked as a mission field and thus fallen to have only 3% of the population that is born-again Christian. The spiritual warfare that surrounds everything you do there blows away almost every other place in the world we’ve traveled to, which includes ministering on every continent except Antarctica—penguins don’t really need the Gospel so haven’t been there. With such relatively few believers in Europe, it really shouldn’t be that surprising, but the warfare always seems to land on you like you’re trying to catch a falling piano—yeah, you get a little flattened and broken but God uses it for good!

We should also remember that the apostle John commended and applauded the brothers in his third letter for opening their homes and hearts and support to those in the work of the Lord even though those workers were strangers to those who received them (3 John 5:8). How much more when we know each as fellow workers in the harvest field should we show love, financial support, and hospitality to one another and especially to fellow laborers in God’s harvest.

Your support and prayers are a huge blessing and always appreciated.

Blessings to you! Bryan, Mercedes, and Patrick Marleaux

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