Friday, April 19, 2019

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter and resurrection blessings to you!

Jesus went to the cross to pay for our sin and died that we might have life everlasting! He rose having conquered sin and death and His salvation is given freely to us who believe on Him, the one who is the Resurrection and the Life! (John 11:25) If you want to hear our Easter message you can go to our page at

Recent Ministry

We just returned from ministering in Colorado. We had a blessed time ministering in Boulder, Colorado, as well as in Colorado Springs. The Holy Spirit moved powerfully in both places, touching, filling, and empowering those in the meetings! We also had a few people who surrendered their lives to Christ as we ministered. 

While up in the mountains in Colorado, we had a divine appointment with a couple of women who gave us a ride. We had gotten a bit disoriented and lost, and ran into these ladies who ended up giving us a ride back to our car. We got to share the Gospel with them as well as pray for them! Hallelujah!

We had a bit of spiritual warfare as well, which sometimes hits in unexpected ways. First, we got quite sick after ministering—which was unusual for us—and got a cough that made it difficult to speak and preach in the next meeting. There was a lot of New Age and witchcraft- type stuff right around where we were ministering in Boulder. There are times when you get sick and it may be just a result of being run down, but other times it seems like something more is happening—something more was confirmed when we were leaving the area by airplane: while going through security, I was pulled aside for some time and thoroughly delayed and my backpack was pulled apart and searched—I was then told by the TSA officer, of all things, that the Bible in my backpack had set off their machines and caused red flags. In all our years of traveling, we have never heard that before, but it is exactly what he said! He even brought me over to the screen and showed me how the Bible was brightly lit up and had set off alarms.

It was a confirmation that we are not wrestling with flesh and blood but spiritual forces of darkness in the spiritual realms. It continued as our shuttle driver just up and disappeared leaving us stranded, and then after all that our car wouldn’t start when we finally arrived where we had left it at the parking garage. The Lord had the victory though, as many were ministered to on the trip, even though we took a few blows! Praise God He uses everything for good for those that love Him and are called according to His purpose: it is sometimes necessary to be reminded that this is a spiritual battle we are in and we must remember to rely on spiritual weapons which include His Word and His Holy Spirit!

Before this, we were ministering in Santa Barbara where we preached the Gospel to many university students at UCSB and had some make decisions for Christ, as well as others get filled with the Holy Spirit as we ministered at IV Church, which ministers to the students and others connected with the local university. We’ve also been ministering down in the Southern border region regularly, seeing many getting saved and filled, praise God!

New Book We’re Included In

We are blessed to have a few stories along with a couple pictures included in a new book by Roger Sachs on Lonnie Frisbee called Not By Might Nor By Power: Set Free (Book Three). For those not familiar with Lonnie Frisbee, he was the catalytic figure in seminal moments in both The Vineyard and Calvary Chapel movements. A man not without personal struggles, but used by the Lord powerfully nonetheless. (You can read further on this subject on our web page at This is the second book on Lonnie we are included in, and the sixth book in which we’ve had some Holy Ghost stories published.

Books We’ve Been Published In Through The Years

Here is a list of the books we’ve had Holy Ghost Stories published in. If you’re interested in one (or more) let us know and we’ll get you a copy for a donation of whatever you can afford (typical suggested donation is $15 per book). These are also all available at

  • Stories From the Front Lines: Power Evangelism In Today’s World by Jane Rumph. Tells about some Holy Ghost healing stories and wild divine appointments in Mexico.
  • Signs and Wonders in America Today by Jane Rumph. Miracles taking place while we are ministering in the Bay Area.
  • Divine Intervention: True Stories of Heaven Invading Earth by Julia Loren. A radical Holy Ghost surfing miracle and divine appointment on the coast of Israel.
  • Kernels of Hope: Real People, Real Stories by Bob and Gail Kaku. The divine appointment unexpected sequel to the Israel story but this Holy Ghost surfing miracle is on the Coast of Spain where a divine appointment took place with some guys who just turned out to be friends of the surfer in Israel!
  • Not By Might Nor By Power: The Great Commission (Book Two) by Lonnie Frisbee with Roger Sachs. Includes a blurb about Lonnie’s influence on us as well as a story of Bryan getting filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • Not By Might Nor By Power: Set Free (Book Three) by Lonnie Frisbee with Roger Sachs. Shares stories from a mission trip to Colorado with Lonnie (interestingly enough, much spiritual warfare is experienced in the Colorado trips mentioned) and a wild encounter while hiking in Tahquitz Canyon in Palm Springs, amongst some other things.

Happy Easter

We pray you are blessed this Easter while celebrating the resurrection and glorious eternal life Christ gives us. 

Thanks for your prayers and support. They aid and help us in the midst of the battle, as we do the work of the Kingdom in Jesus’ name and through His resurrection power.

Resurrection blessings to you and yours!

Bryan, Mercedes and Patrick Marleaux

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