Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer of Love Celebration

Getting a blast of the Holy Spirit as Lonnie Frisbee
and Jill Austin prayed over me-whoa!

God has been moving in power as we’ve been ministering in various places lately. Seeing the work of the Holy Spirit takes me back to where it all began for myself when I got filled in the early days of Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda, which later became the Vineyard.

Lonnie Frisbee was ministering in the notorious “back room” when the words: “He will baptize you in the Holy Spirit and fire” became my own reality (click for my full testimony.)

What started in the 60’s during the Summer of Love with a few hippies getting saved, turned into the powerful Jesus People Revival. We reflect on that wild season and the ministry of Lonnie Frisbee in a short article and video that gives some interesting insights. (There will be a Summer of Love/Jesus People Celebration Tomorrow-see below.)

Frisbee became a main figure in the cultural mission field of a movement searching for spiritual reality. Many actually found it when they encountered the Kingdom of God during the Jesus People Revival. And then again when the Spirit was poured out in Yorba Linda on Mother’s Day.

A book called Jesus People in the Age of Aquarius reviewed various aspects of the movement. They note how dramatically charismatic were churches like Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa in those early days, with spiritual gifts and signs and wonders being a regular part of the services back then.

During some waning years, Frisbee ended up doing overseas missions. He began to be seen later up at Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda, and then one Mother’s Day John Wimber had him share his testimony and a radical outpouring followed. Documented in numerous books and publications, it turned into what missiologist Peter Wagner called “The Third Wave Revival” spreading signs and wonders out to the nations.

I remember being at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa when I started hearing some talk about the fact that Lonnie was back in town, and man, things are getting a bit too wild up there at Calvary Yorba Linda. The complaint could be summed up like this: “Lonnie’s back and, my goodness, they have let him off of his leash up there!”

In reality though, it wasn’t Lonnie who came off the leash but the Holy Spirit. The same Holy Spirit we see referred to over 70 times in the book of Acts—you think God might be trying to say something with that?!? Maybe?— Yes, the same Holy Spirit mentioned over 70 times in the book of Acts made a bold re-entry into His church that Mother’s Day.

Lonnie’s words on that day are as applicable as ever, “The church has been quenching the Spirit for far too long.” Time to stop grieving and quenching the Spirit, take a fresh look at the book of Acts, let the Spirit of God off the leash, and see some life again!!!

As Billy Graham said at Amsterdam 2000: “If we as Christ’s Body don’t start getting back to Acts Chapter 2 and start walking in the power of the Holy Spirit we will have no hope of reaching this present generation.” The little movie clips and nifty jumbotron at the mega church just ain't gonna cut it man!

  • There is a new short video with us being interviewed about those times. Meri Crouley, who is hosting the upcoming celebration, recently uploaded this video of an interview of us and others about the revival back in the day.

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