Sunday, April 24, 2011

He is Risen

Glory to God! Jesus is risen from the grave!

Well, we had a weekend of divine appointments starting out in Encinitas Friday night where the Lord happened to hook us up with numeous friends who just happened to all be in the same area at the same time. We ended up sitting down at a little street cafe to the surprise of finding out that the waiter happened to remember us all from a church around the area and bringing us out free food -- totally unexpected. More people showed up as the night wore on and it turned into a Holy Ghost prayer time as the Spirit moved in power as we prayed for friends right out on the street as we sat at the table.

Later, we headed out to do a live radio program with Lauren Dowler as our special guest on the program that night, and our son Patrick even shared a bit too for the first time on the radio about his experience of being touched by God when he spontaneously got filled with the Holy Spirit while our friend Dave Estrella shared his testimony up in Salinas. After hanging in Christ's risen glory all weekend, as well as more divine appointments--even praying with another group of people in a fish restaurant later on--and then and all-night worship session, we have just gotten a chance to put up this cool Easter message with ourselves and Lauren and Patrick.

So, seek not the living amongst the dead. He is alive just as He said--praise God! Click up above and check it out. (Please excuse our audio levels as a train kept us blocked from getting into the station early enough to get our mic levels just right.)

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